Cake Decorating

(Individual Event)
“Reminder to Contestants to bring your OWN cake rounds and 4 c. Icing.”

PURPOSE: To evaluate the participant’s ability to plan and decorate a two-layer cake.
  1. Junior — grades 6-9
  2. Seniors — grades 10-12
  3. Occupationals — grades 10-12
THEME FOR THE CAKE IS: “Peaks of Potential—Rise, Lead, Succeed”
  1. Any affiliated FCCLA member
  2. 2 per chapter
  1. Personal, professional appearance.
  2. Ability to decorate cake within time limit. They will have 90 minutes to decorate and clean up.
  3. Ability to organize work area.
  4. Use of basic cake decorating skills, safety and sanitation practices.
  1. Participants are to decorate a round, two-layer, nine inch Styrofoam cake with basic cake decorating skills. Decorations must include a top and bottom border, flowers with stems or leaves or both, and writing.
  2. Participants will be required to turn in a plan for decorating the cake when reporting for the competition.
  3. Participants are responsible for bringing all necessary measuring, mixing, display equipment, including all needed decorating tools. The student will provide the 9 inch Styrofoam rounds, un-tinted butter cream and 4 cups of icing to frost and decorate the cake for the contestants at check in before the contest.
  4. Participants must also bring desired food coloring. Icing must be colored on site. No pre-made or purchased cake decorating supplies. All decorations must be made on site.
  5. Participants will be assigned specific work stations.
  6. Participants will report 30 minutes before they are scheduled to compete. Sanitation practices will be maintained. Correct, safe temperature of perishables must be maintained.
  7. Participants will wear appropriate, professional baking apparel, hair covering and apron.
  8. Participants will have 15 minutes to clean-up the work stations. Penalties will be assessed.
  9. A team of evaluators will be observing work habits and techniques used and will be rating throughout the decorating process.
  10. Participants will be evaluated on efficient work habits, personal appearance, icing, borders, writing, decoration, level of difficulty and customer appeal.
  11. Participants will be rated on product as it appears on display table when time is called.
  1. Junior category — first three places receive medal
  2. Senior category — first three places receive medal
  3. Occupational category — first three places receive medal