Food Art

fccla_logoIndividual Event

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Showcase the best of participants’ creative and artistic skills through the utilization of fruits and vegetables to design and create an interesting food art item.

  1. image4Participants will be required to bring their own materials. Participants are not allowed to use any type of electric cooking utensil. Acceptable tools include but are not limited to:
    1. Any kind of hand carving utensil
    2. Kitchen knives
    3. Garnishing tools
    4. Toothpicks, etc.
  2. Participants will have a total of 1 hour to create their Food Art. This is split into 5 minutes of preparation time, 50 minutes of working time, and 5 minutes of clean up time. Following the event, participants will exit the room while judges evaluate each piece.
  3. Participants will use prior knowledge to create their type of fruit or vegetable art. Creations must be made with various produce items.